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Types of Automatic Plywood Cutting Machines

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Various types of automatic plywood cutting machines have been developed over the years. Automatic plywood cutting machines are highly functional and efficient. They are able to cut planed boards, construction wood squares, plywood, MDF boards and particle boards. They are designed to deliver flawless efficiency and precision. They can improve the production of woodworking companies. Moreover, they can provide excellent return on investment.

Automatic plywood cutting machines have many flexible features. Moreover, they can be upgraded with electric panel. Therefore, they are able to reduce labor cost. The saws have excellent dust collecting systems. They also offer protection to the operator.

A multi-blade saw is able to process several pieces of wood at once. In this way, it is able to save three times the labor cost. In addition, the saw saves about 70% electricity. The saw is also capable of producing neat products. The saw uses a special belt structure to generate vacuum and increase friction with fabric. It is also able to generate low energy consumption.

The computer beam saw is able to cut panels of different sizes and thicknesses. It is also capable of cutting four boards at once. It is also capable of mass cutting of wooden panels. In addition, it is easy to operate and has high efficiency. It is able to cut up to 100mm thick panels. Moreover, the panels can be used directly for the next processing.

The Hi Raptor cutting system is a versatile system for cutting materials. It features a sturdy construction and high cutting speed. It is also easy to integrate with CAD-CAM solutions. In addition, the system features a powerful extraction system. It is also capable of switching between different materials quickly. It has a highly intuitive interface and is easy to use.

The multi-blade saw is able to cut wood quickly and accurately. It has a servo motor that has strong overload capacity. The saw can also run smoothly at all speeds. The saw has a pre-loader device. The saw is designed to work at low noise levels, which can help reduce noise in the workshop. Moreover, it has a stable performance and easy feeding. It is also designed to cut wood at one time, which can reduce labor costs.

The combination wood segment cutting machine is a multi-functional machine that can handle very large scale factory production. It is able to be operated by one or two workers. It is able to cut plywood into segments of uniform length. It is also able to be converted into an automatic feed machine. The saw is equipped with a high speed cut off saw to guarantee accurate cutting. In addition, the saw is able to lean the material onto a baffle plate for a smoother cutting.

The computer beam saw is able of cutting panels faster than other saws. It has a low power consumption and high efficiency. It is also designed to work on a large scale. It is also able to cut wood up to 100mm thick.




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