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Molded Expanded Polystyrene Cost-Effective Insulation

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Molded expanded polystyrene is more popularly known as PMP or rigid polymer plastic. It has many advantages over expanded Styrofoam (ES) and other products. For instance it's more fire retardant than Styrofoam because it doesn't have any cells that can catch fire. It's also more environmentally responsible than Styrofoam because it doesn't release toxic gases during manufacture. Many people don't consider it to be a green product. However, the fact is it is one of the most eco-friendly plastics available.

Polystyrene comes in two basic forms - expanded and inexposed. Both types of molded expanded polystyrene have been widely used for applications such as shipping, insulation, temporary vaults, and temporary walls. Inexposed MEPS are often used in food service because it's lightweight and less dense than Styrofoam. Its use in products like bath towels, linens, and disposable cups gives it a number of other advantages. Here are some of them.

Energy Efficient Polystyrene is low-density, so it contains little weight and requires little energy to make. It's a very low-cost alternative to traditional construction materials like wood, concrete, and heavy metals. Also, because it is lightweight, molded expanded polystyrene can be used as lumber instead of plywood, giving it a lower cost-effective advantage. Also, because it is a flexible product, it's a fast and simple way to create and install partitions, shelving, and cabinets. It can also be used as a light-weight filler between panels in a building or as a low-density, light-weight cover for a space-age product like a light bulb. It has no major impact on structural stability, so it's a good material for applications where stability is an issue.

Moisture Efficient Polystyrene mastic isn't only used to keep things damp, it is also used to make them dry. Because it is water-resistant, it can help keep bathrooms and kitchens from becoming moist. Because of its resistance to moisture, molding can be done more quickly and more thoroughly. It has the same properties as Styrofoam, so it can easily be combined with other products to create new products like shower curtains, bathroom tiles, and even furniture like picnic tables and benches. A key benefit of molded expanded polystyrene is that it can resist mold growth, which keeps it safe from microbial contamination, meaning that it can be used for sensitive projects like those done for the military or for the FDA.

High-Performance Polystyrene is made by extrusion in a wide array of styles. It comes in sheets, blocks, and several other different forms. When used to fill in hollow areas inside structures, it increases the usable area available for storage, repairs, and maintenance. The product also works as a primer when concrete is poured, creating a smooth surface that allows it to bond better to the structure it's supposed to fill. For example, molded expanded polystyrene blocks can be used to provide extra reinforcement around foundations for buildings and homes.

It's important to note that polystyrene is not suitable for all projects. While it's cost-effective, it's best suited for those that require insulation value without additional costs. It's also better suited to those projects that don't require curing or expansion. Those who need it for these jobs should contact experts in the field for advice and information. Those who don't need it for these projects can purchase standard mastic or expandable foams to meet their needs.




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