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EPS Pre-Expander

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When choosing an EPS pre-expander, it is best to look for a unit that offers automatic, batch expansion. This ensures maximum uniformity of density. These units also have fully automatic density control to ensure repeatability of the expansion process. There are two types of these machines: continuous and full-automatic batch. Here are some key differences between each. Listed below are some of the most important features to look for in a pre-expander.

EPS pre-expander machines increase the size of EPS foam sheets by stretching and heating the sheet. The stretching process improves both the thermal and physical properties of the foam. An EPS pre-expander machine can produce a wide range of custom-sized products. The machine can also be used to manufacture products with complex shapes and sizes. This makes them an excellent investment for manufacturing and designing. However, it is best to speak with a supplier about its capabilities before investing in one.

The process of pre-expandering EPS granulates is essential for the production of foamed products. The granulates of EPS are fed into an agitator-driven vessel filled with controlled air or steam. The hot air or steam expands the particles to a diameter of approximately 2mm or more. After this step, the beads then flow through a drying chamber to remove moisture before entering an aging silo. The agitator is made of SUS 304 stainless steel and is operated by a frequency converter.

EPS pre-expanders are highly sophisticated and versatile machines that are used to expand EPS foam. They can significantly increase the quality of foamed granules and improve the efficiency of production. By making use of high-quality batch EPS pre-expanders, a manufacturer can achieve uniform density and reduce steam consumption. The pre-expanders also feature a memory function, which helps adjust the foaming temperatures automatically, which ensures consistency.

The EPS pre-expanders are very high-performing and have a density of over 20kg/M3. They are equipped with an optional input weighing system and a touch screen display for easy operation. In addition, they take a pressure sensor in place of an electro-connecting gauge. Moreover, they work with a fluidized drying machine. Hence, they are a highly recommended option for your EPS process.




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