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EPS Continuous Pre-Expander Machine

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When selecting EPS continuous pre-expander machine, it is necessary to consider certain factors. The machine can be operated by PLC, Touch Screen, automatic feeding system, temperature and pressure control, and induction measurement. Its stainless steel barrel body with strict structure makes it very efficient in thermal efficiency. This machine is used to produce beads of lower density and insulation construction blocks. Its large production capacity, flexible design, and low cost make it an attractive choice for industrial users.

The EPS Continuous pre-expander machine is a simple EPS process that allows a producer to achieve several density levels. The EPS continuous pre-expander machine is an economical choice for small factories. Its expander can be fully automated, and the entire process is automatically finished without manual intervention. The machine is also equipped with a light sensor to control the amount of expansion that can be carried out.

Another advantage of this continuous pre-expander machine is its high efficiency. This machine can expand EPS raw material without blockage. The EPS continuous pre-expander machine is more efficient when compared to batch pre-expander machine. This machine can achieve two expansion levels in one cycle, allowing the user to reach a uniform density of 12g/l. Further, it requires less steam than a batch pre-expander machine.

Another benefit of this continuous pre-expander machine is its reliability. Unlike its predecessors, it is equipped with a power-off protection device. It also has a Japan steam pressure reducing valve, which prevents the foam from solidifying. Additionally, it is simple to operate, and can be set to various materials. It also allows the operator to store their presets, improving the efficiency of the machine's working.

An EPS continuous pre-expander machine is equipped with a range of features that make it easy to manage production. Its advanced features ensure superior performance over a long period of time. Automatic adjustment of steam and air pressure can be done automatically. It is also equipped with remote assistance software, which allows for quick management of issues. In case of breakdowns, highly qualified personnel can resume operations immediately.

EPS continuous pre-expander machine comes with two feeding devices, one for eps beads and another for eps foaming. This pre-expander uses an innovative fluidized bed to ensure uniform air diffusion and speeds up the discharging phase. Its pneumatic conveyor makes it possible to discharge materials smoothly, ensuring maximum stability, strength, and safety. Moreover, its compact structure facilitates easy access to all components and ensures safe operation.




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