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EPS Cutting Machine

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An EPS cutting machine is used for the slicing of EPS foam. There are many models of this type of equipment, and there are several features that make them the best choice for the industry. One of these features is the automatic wire setting system, which automatically sets the cutting wire for different size pieces. The eps cutting machine is also equipped with a vibration cutting system, which ensures the best quality cuts and maximizes productivity.

The main features of an EPS cutting machine are high degree of accuracy, high speed, and efficient operation. The machine can cut foam and plastic. The control system is installed on the PC, which controls the X-axis of the machine tool and the Y-axis of the heating wire arm. It can also cut grooves in different materials, including wood, EPS, and polystyrene.

An EPS cutting machine can be used for the slicing of EPS. Its advantages are high cutting efficiency, high degree, and accurate size. In addition, it has a simple operation. The main frame of the EPS cutting machine is made of square profile steel, which ensures high strength and no deformation. This machine also has an eps cutting software that is easy to use. This software also has a wide range of speeds. The cutting speed can be varied and the cutter retracts fast.

A CNC EPS cutting machine is a heavy-duty CNC Router that has been adapted for molding EPS. Its machining parts are designed with high precision and accuracy. Besides, the cutting machine has special features such as high speed, precision, and high performance. An EPS cutting machine has a high-speed governing system and a long service life. The tool also has functions like stroke protection, power cut memory, and backlash compensation.

A CNC EPS cutting machine is also known as an EPS foam cutting machine. It is designed to cut EPS expandable polystyrene foam with a high-speed stepper motor. It is designed to cut various density EPS blocks with precision. It is easy to operate and has a large speed range. Its automatic cutter retracts quickly after being cut. This is the perfect EPS cutting machine for making styrofoam molds.

The EPS cutting machine is a heavy-duty CNC Router that is suitable for making molds of different materials. It has a high-speed and accuracy. It can cut all types of EPS foam. Moreover, it has many advanced functions. This EPS foam cutting machine uses a CAD software to design the required drawings. Moreover, the operator can easily convert the AutoCAD drawings into a cutting program.

This machine has a square profile steel main frame. It is strong and stable and does not deform even after cutting several sheets of EPS foam. Its cutting device can be used for slitting EPS foam and PU foam. It can also be used for slope insulation. The EPS coating machine can coat the styrofoam sheet. This German manufacturer's cnc multitool gmbh has a variety of specialized eps machines.




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