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Automatic Wire Cutting Machine

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An automatic wire cutting machine is a tool used in commercial workshops to cut the wires. This type of machine produces better results than manual cutting and is safer for workers. The electrical industry requires large amounts of wires and the need to measure and cut them precisely is important. Therefore, automatic wire cutting machines are an ideal choice for these businesses. This type of tool can save time and money. Moreover, automatic cutting machines are made from high-quality materials that will last for years.

The most common type of automatic wire cutting machine has a recipricating feed unit that automatically strips and measures the wires. A hand-held unit can cut one wire at a time, while a larger machine can handle multiple pieces. As the name suggests, the wire cutting machine can do the work of several people in a shorter amount of time. These machines come with numerous functions and are designed to fit any type of wire-cutting need.

An automatic wire cutting machine can cut wires to a pre-determined length and width. It can also perform half-stripping and two-end stripping. It has a servo motor to cut wires and strip them. Its digital interface and separate touch screen allow you to set the length and number of cuts, depending on the wires that you cut. Some machines are stationary, while others are compact and can be used on the go.

A fully automatic wire cutting machine has many benefits. It is fully electric, meaning that the various components are controlled in a way that makes it easy to use and safe for workers. The machine has a digital LCD interface that shows real-time machine status. It also features automatic wire loading. A wire cutting machine is the perfect option for any business that needs to cut a large number of wires quickly and easily. If you need to cut a large amount of wire, an automatic machine can help you save time and money.

Another advantage of an automatic wire cutter is that it can cut different materials without damaging the wire itself. It will cut both copper and aluminum wires. It is also able to cut insulation. The cutter is controlled by a stepper motor that will control the throw of the wire cutter. A partial closure will nick the insulation and a full stroke will cut the wire. And because of its speed and precision, it is suitable for all types of applications.

A TSC8N automatic wire cutting machine is an electronic cut and strip machine that can process different wires. It can handle different types of cables and can cut tubes to any desired size. It is the most versatile automatic wire cutting machine available and has 99 programs to choose from. It has a user-friendly interface that can save 99 different codes for different cable types. In addition, it can save 99 programs that help it process multiple types of wire.




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