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Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

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An automatic tube cutting machine is an efficient way to cut and process tubes, hoses, and other materials without any hassle. The rotary cutter and belt feed ensure no crushing of material during the process. The batching feature allows you to pre-program the machine to cut multiple pieces with varying lengths. The machine can be set to cut 99 batches or 10 kits at a time. There are many advantages to using this machine.

The automated bench top tubing cutter is particularly useful for medical applications. It offers high cutting accuracy and a wide range of options. Its dual drive tractor belt system automatically indexes the tubing while an indexing motor controls the cutting pressure. The optional die sets and material guides provide excellent economy and control. A touch screen HMI allows you to store individual recipes. The machine also includes a lubrication system. The automatic tube cutting machine can be purchased separately or as a package.

The Longxin intelligent automatic tube cutting machine has four types: small, medium and large. It can cut thin-walled tubes and is able to make burr-free incisions. Unlike other machines, it does not require water to cut. The cutting nozzle can be turned to control the extent of contraction. The intelligent automatic tube cutting machine has gained popularity in the pipe-cutting industry and has gradually replaced the Zhangjiagang automatic tube cutting machine.

The automatic tube cutting machine, or ATCM, can be customized to meet the requirements of a particular client. It can cut materials up to 30mm in diameter and initial lengths of three meters. The machine can operate round-the-clock. It has a heavy frame structure and an unusual spindle assembly, which eliminates vibrations. The machine's feeding and cutting cycles are controlled by PLC. This helps the machine operate smoothly round the clock.

The automated tube cutting machine frees the operator from repetitive work and places the cut-up pieces onto carts, making the process faster and more efficient. It integrates multiple processes and decreases human capital costs by minimizing the need for manual labor. The automatic tube cutting machine also allows for fast changes and precise chamfered tubular parts. Hautau is an expert manufacturer of automatic tube cutting machines and offers a wide range of customized solutions to meet a variety of requirements.




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