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Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

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An automatic pipe cutting machine is a versatile piece of machinery. These machines are equipped with several features to make your work faster and more accurate. They have an automatic feed and end form, a 90-degree cutting option, and a 7-inch touchscreen interface. You can also program the machine to follow the cutting schedule you set.

The automatic pipe cutting machine includes a full set of motors and a drive mechanism. The driving mechanism is arranged on the frame with two belt pulleys and the tubing-carrying roller. The belt is equipped with gear teeth for each drive engagement. The wheel shaft of the fourth motor is in transmission connection with the belt pulley.

The automatic pipe cutting machine works by automatically cutting the pipe without manual intervention. It is also capable of cutting various types of pipes, from standard to exotic, with its plasma system. It can be operated with a 240V or 110v power supply. The machine also has guide bands that guide it while cutting, and can handle pipe diameters of up to 16 inches.

The automatic pipe cutting machine has a full set of tools and equipments. Its working functions are closely related to the size of the steel pipe to be cut. It includes a control console, feed control encoder, clamping equipment, cantilever, feed transmission equipment, and a headstock. Despite the large range of available automatic pipe cutting machines, they all feature exceptional accuracy and ease of operation.

Another type of pipe cutting machine uses a lathe and is semi-automatic. This method is most effective for round, thin-diameter tubing. The lathe machine is used by manufacturers and operators to cut hollow and solid pipe stock. The lathe machine rotates the pipe as it cuts.

Automated tube cutting systems also eliminate the labor-intensive task of handling cut-off pieces. By eliminating the need for human intervention, automatic tube cutting machines eliminate on-loading delays, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. The rotating head of the automatic tube cutting system enables a fast changeover and precision chamfering.




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