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Automatic Circle Cutting Machine

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Basically, an automatic circle cutting machine is a machine that cuts circles from flat steel sheets. It is used for manufacturing and construction purposes. It is very important in production facilities that have a deep drawing press. There are various types of circle cutter machines that are used for this purpose. One of them is the full automatic circle cutting machine. The full automatic circle cutting machine uses a large cutter and a stepping motor to cut circles. It is very widely used in garment making, decoration and leather processing.

Another type of automatic circle cutting machine is the fully automated circular knife cutter. It is a precision machine that can cut circles up to 103 mm dia. It can be used on any standard 6" V-grooved track. The machine has superior Series 100 torch tips to ensure that the cut is smooth and fast. The fully automated circular knife cutter is a perfect start for anyone.

Aside from the standard 110 volt operation, you can also get the machine installed with an imported pump and press switches. These are all designed to help the operator to perform the task efficiently and safely.

In the case of a full automatic circle cutting machine, the operator can set the size of the circle that needs to be cut. This is easily done by using the PLC control panel. After the circle size has been set, the operator presses the machine to begin the cut. If the operator wants to change the shape of the circle, he can move the working members to adjust the shape. This enables the operator to set the exact radius of the circle.

A full automatic circle cutting machine uses a linear bearing slide rail and a stepping motor. This allows the machine to cut circles from a square sheet of metal, from 0.1 mm to 5 mm in diameter. The machine also has a specialized design that helps to minimize abrasion. This means that the service life of the machine can be increased.

Aside from the stepping motor and the linear bearing slide rail, a full automatic circle cutting machine also uses an oilstone and a transducer. These tools provide an abrasion free cut. The machine can also be equipped with a pneumatic clamp device that can replace the die cutter. It is also designed with a hydraulic system that helps to minimize noise during operation. This is also a useful feature since it helps to save oil.

The machine also offers varying automatic materials feeding systems that can be installed according to the customer's needs. This machine can be used to cut a wide range of materials, including plastic, foam, EVA, fabric, rubber and other nonmetal materials. It can also be used for sheet metal ring cutting and cutting beveled or square holes in nonferrous metals.

If you need to cut a large number of circles, you can buy trammels that are similar to jigsaw guides. These trammels are also used to cut ovals.




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