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Automatic Cable Cutting Machine

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A good automatic cable cutting machine can help you save time and money. The CUTFOX 10 is a small, portable device that can be used to cut cables of up to 10mm2. The CUTFOX 10 is able to cut both flexible and rigid conductors with millimeter precision, and automatically adapts to the materials. A digital display shows the length and number of cuts made. The machine is portable and can be used both in stationary applications and on the go.

The KS-W620 Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine is suitable for processing a variety of wire sizes. This machine is capable of cutting and stripping wires up to 13mm O.D. It can also strip wires of up to 45mm at the trailing end. The machine's cutting and stripping capabilities are enhanced by seven sets of motors, including one that controls the automatic roller lifting function. Another motor supplies power to the blade unit. Four individual motors drive the wire feeding rollers, which improves cutting accuracy.

The Cut & Strip Machines come with an optional conveyor belt. It is recommended to use this option when cutting cables with a length of more than 0.5 meters. The conveyor belt is an accessory that must be purchased at the same time as the machine itself. The conveyor belt has a total length of 1.4 meters, and it must be installed by the manufacturer.

Eraser offers a variety of automatic cable cutting machines that are ideal for a variety of materials. They include bench, semi-automatic, and portable models. The machines also feature guillotine-style blades, which ensure a clean and square cut every time. The Eraser MC71 Multi-Material Cutter has a belt-feed system, and its belt-feeding feature ensures no material is crushed during the cutting process.

TSC machines meet all the CE safety requirements. The TSC8N cutting and stripping machine is compatible with a variety of cables, including large-size and multi-conductor cables. Its software-controlled design ensures the highest quality standards. It also comes with a Klippon(r) Automated RailAssembler that allows fully automated assembly of terminal strips. This feature prevents the operator from having to pick individual terminal blocks. In addition, the TSC50 has interchangeable thread guides that allow the cable to slide accurately.




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