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ANKO Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine

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ANKO has many types of machines to choose from, but one of the most popular is their Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine. It is an automatic device which can round off the edge of parts made from many different materials. The rounded edge is left free of chatter and allows a smooth surface to be carved out of the part. It is capable of rounding parts up to 1100mm. In addition, it also has a motorized pump for water filtration, a tank for holding water, and a 125mm diameter contact roller.

It can be used for a variety of processes, such as grinding, polishing, and deburring. It is also suitable for double-surface milling. The machine also features a motor-driven grinding unit to ensure high-precision grinding of the knife. This machine is especially suitable for deburring and polishing of sharp edge burrs on parts.

This machine is used to round off the edges of cushions, soft wires, elastic tapes, and plastic zipper tapes. The machine has a memory feature, so it will stop automatically if the materials run out. It can also cut lines and belt loops. The machine is capable of working with punched parts, fiber lasers, and laser-cut parts. It is designed to offer cost-effective processing for punched parts. It is also able to round off the edges of laser-cut parts.

This machine can work with an array of materials, including soft wires, elastic tapes, and belt loops. The rounding time is six to ten seconds. In addition, the machine has a hydraulic cutting system, which is stable and provides lower noise. It is a great choice for heavy-duty machining. The machine is also easy to operate. It has a simple control system that makes commissioning easy. Its compact design allows it to be installed independently. It is also equipped with an automatic sorting system, which separates head and tail materials from qualified products. The machine is suitable for use with a variety of products, including soft wires, elastic tapes, plastic zipper tapes, and belt loops.

The client wanted to replace low-efficient handmade production with automation. They were planning to start a business in canned food production for export. They contacted ANKO to help them increase their production capacity and expand into the Indian snacks market. They also needed to find an OEM company for their production line. The client is certified in Halal, which means that the food they sell is safe for consumers. They are also experienced in using ANKO's Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine. They placed an order for three production lines, and were satisfied with the end products. They also received more orders after they opened an online shopping site. They are also certified for HACCP. They have hundreds of vegetarian food products in their product line. They are also certified for export to Australia and Singapore.

In the past two years, ANKO has received two B/Ls related to an automatic cutting machine. The client has also used ANKO's Automatic Spring Roll and Har Gow (Shrimp dumpling) Forming Device, and has received more orders since they opened an online shopping site.




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