Weifoer batch EPS Expander

 Including expansion body, dryer bed, automatic feeding system, sieving devices, weighing system, blower, etc.

Main advantage:

1. Fully automatic and intelligent prodcution;

2. Human-machine cooperation, controlled by PLC and color touch screen, easy to operate;

3. Accurate density, high output and energy-saving

4. Smooth operation and stable


Function Description:

Steam system:

Accurate pressure reducer to keep very stable and accurate steam, ensure material variation.

Pressure control:

Pressure sensor with multi-steam exhausting system to keep expansion chamber pressure stable, as well as reduces the steam consumption.

Temperature control:

The temperature sensor and compressed air maintains accurate expansion temperature, which is suitable for high density expansion, resulting in less broken beads.

Material level control:

Keeps accurate weighing scales control, ensuring less density tolerance.

Material filling system:

Set filling weight in touch screen and electronic weighing filling to realize filling accurately and automatically.

Electric control:

The PLC touch screen, electronic parts and valves are from reputed brands, which make the whole

chamber diameter:
chamber high:
Expansion Rate:
Density Tolerance:
Cycle Time :
  • FW-YF1500-2
Product Description





B.Main technical data

Iterm FW-YF1500-2 FW-YF1600-2
Chamber size Dimension (mm) Φ1500 Φ1600
High (mm) 2200 2200
Effective volume (m3) 3 4
Expansion rate Second expansion (kg/m3) 4---6 4---6
First back (kg/m3) 8---12 8---12
First expansion (kg/m3) 12---20 12---20
Density tolerance % ≤±3 ±3
Expansion cycle (s/cycle) ≤120 ≤120
Steam Entry (DN) 50 50
Entry pressure (Mpa) 0.4---0.6 0.4---6
Consumption (kg/cycle) 6---9 7---12
Air Entry (DN) 40 40
Entry pressure (Mpa) 0.4---0.6 0.4---0.6
Consumption (m3/cycle) 0.6---0.7 0.7---0.8
Exhaust Upper exhaust (DN) 100 100
Lower exhaust (DN) 100 100
Fan outlet (DN) 100 100
Output 4g/l (kg/h) ≥280 ≥420
6g/l (kg/h) ≥420 ≥625
8g/l (kg/h) ≥560 ≥835
12g/l (kg/h) ≥633 ≥1200
15g/l (kg/h) ≥790 ≥1200
20g/l (kg/h) ≥1200 ≥1200
Feed port (mm) 200 200
Installed power (kw) 34 34
Outline dimension Length (mm) 6000 6000
Width (mm) 3700 4200
Height (mm) 5400 5400
Weight (T) 4.5 5.0


 a---EPS pre-expander: it is used to expand the eps raw material to foamed beads; by second expansion, getting the lower density material and making

      the light eps foam block.




block-molding-machine.jpg 39.jpg batch-pre-expander.jpg




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Packaging & Shipping


Standard export packaging:

---Outer package: standard export wooden cases;

---Inner package: plastic paper or wrapped with stretch film and etc.


---By sea from Shanghai or Ningbo port;

---By train from Ningbo station;

---By truck from Kashgar, Urumuqi or other checkpoint

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