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EPS equipment, foam plastic machinery hydraulic system leak control

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EPS equipment, foam plastic machinery hydraulic system leakage of main parts and the reason can be summed up as follow

1, tube connector and plug fitting leak mostly in manifold, valve plate, tubular components with the fitting on joints, when fitting metric thread connections, lax will cause the combo washer seal leaking taper pipe thread connection thread cannot fit easily with plug oil leak. Either of these happen very difficult to cure, only with PTFE thread seal tape or liquid sealant filling sealing. 2, plate valve, modular valves, joints of major oil spills are: o-ring and mounting surface kepeng, scratches, long mounting screws, strength is not enough, will have oil spill. Solution: to solve the above problems are processed separately.3, cause of oil leakage of hydraulic cylinder more, such as the surface of the piston rod stick mud and dust, salt spray, bump hurt, eccentric load and other factors can cause seal damage, failure caused by oil spills. Solution try not to hydraulic cylinder under eccentric load, often wiping dust on the piston rod, pay attention to avoid the bump, scratch, improve the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid management. 4, more serious leakage caused by temperature rise and heat, can make the oil viscosity, or deterioration, the internal leakage increases temperatures continue to increase, will cause seal thermal expansion increase friction, wear faster, axial rotating or sliding parts leak soon. O-ring expansion and deformation caused by heat, cooling cannot be rehabilitated, loses its elasticity and failure, slowly leaking.

Suggestions: EPS equipment, foam plastic machinery regular inspection, regular maintenance, prompt treatment is to prevent leaking, reduce the most basic protection.

Second, the EPS equipment, foam and plastic machinery, inspection and maintenance of hydraulic system

1, repair the hydraulic system Note

EPS equipment, foam plastic mechanical systems work, stopping when there is no pressure relief, when the power is not cut off the control, prohibition to overhaul the system, preventing personal injury accident occurred ....

2, hydraulic drive has simple structure, stable quality, high efficiency, easy to realize the advantages of automation. Therefore, at present, many large and midsize machinery with hydraulic drive systems, hydraulic technology there are oil spills, oil temperature and speed of the change control, noise and other shortcomings. How to more safely and efficiently run hydraulic machinery, according to system pressure, speed, volume, environment temperature correct selection of hydraulic working oil oil, reasonable use and maintenance, long-term oil excellent work performance and optimize the effectiveness of the work, is the key to work. At this point, usually according to the standard operation, scientific management, and to take preventive measures.

3, to prevent contamination with hydraulic oil

(1) hydraulic oils, oil drums to set up in a clean and safe place, strengthening management. Used oil drums, oil filter, oil funnels, oil should be kept clean. The barrel must be cleaned in advance of loading hydraulic oil, oil drums need a dedicated, not mixed with other oil drums.

(2) hydraulic machinery should be kept clean to prevent dust debris falling into the oil tank should be sealed.

(3) the oil in the tank should be replaced with their work regularly. Oil change and impurities accumulated at the bottom of the dirt in the tank should be removed and clean the tank.

4, simple identification method for oil contamination are:

(1) Visual inspections. Normal Visual acuity of the human limit is generally about 40 μ m. Therefore, particles of dirt, impurities in the oil when sizes larger than 40 μ m, the human eye can see, when eyesight can directly observe dirty material, indicates that the oil is dirty, it must be replaced.

(2) compared to the test tube. Tube compares new and used oils, found when using oil color is black and has a foul odor, it must be replaced. If the color does not change when the turbidity, indicating fluid contains water, clarified to exclude moisture, oil may continue to be used. As a transparent color becomes lighter when there is no odor, you may mix different kinds of oil, as long as the viscosity is appropriate, or you can continue to use.

(3) when heated, take a drop of oil on the filter paper for testing, and down drops, such as when there is a solid impurities, thin black spots on filter paper residue, suggesting oil containing more impurities, it should not continue to use it.

(4) to find out whether the oil containing moisture can be iron plate heated to 250. About c, use oil drop by drop onto the plate, such as popping, that contains water. No water is silent, the burning of the oil.

5, preventing air from entering EPS equipment, foam plastic machinery hydraulic system

To prevent air from entering the hydraulic system, in use and maintenance should note the following points:

(1) always check the oil level in the tank and keep a sufficient amount of oil.

(2) in the course of work, fluid loss, must be supplemented with new oil of the same specification.

(3) even when the minimum oil level, 1:3 suction and return line should also remain below oil level.

(4) use high performance seals and seal failure should be replaced immediately, the joints of the pipe joints and screws must be tightened.



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